Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sisterly Adventures

It finally happened! The day has come!
My little-sister-from-another-mister has finally come to join me in Seattle!

It only took four years. *pouts*

Caitlin was only here for two days and patiently allowed me to (almost literally) drag her across Seattle.

Of course, one required pit stop was Pike Place so I grab some lunch while we admired the sunshiney Puget Sound views. And geeked out.

Eventually Alex joined us and we were off to grab some heaven in a cup.
 Erm, I mean some Peak's frozen custard sundaes.

Having finished our wonderfully healthy (and delicious) dinner, there was nothing to it but digest in the sunshine at Greenlake.

We wasted away the hours catching up on stories, watching baby geese, and sharing laughs.

The best friendships are those that can be tested by time and distance, and yet when you are reunited it is as if you haven't been apart for a day.
The night then ended, as all good nights should, with snacks, cider, and watermelon martinis.

Though I decided to improvise and change mine up a bit.

Day 2 kicked off with an impromptu visit to Seattle's Experience Music Project. The museum had a new fantasy themed exhibit that I've been itching to visit. 

 And the queen always gets her way, of course.

The exhibit was wonderful and I highly recommend it. Lessons on archetypes of fantasy stories (you can also take a quiz to determine which of the 16 or types your personality reflects and I got the Maiden Warrior, not complaining), original pages from Tolkien's manuscripts, costumes from many different movies, a dragon, and a giant dragonfly with display screens for eyes:
 Yes, that is George RR Martin and the Eye of Sauron. It was actually a mini movie discussing the characterization developments and representations of good and evil in various epic fantasy stories (The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Game of Thrones, The Chronicles of Narnia, etc.).

We were greeted by Daenerys Targaryen,

a Dalek (ok, that was the scifi exhibit, but close enough in this case),

and some characters from The Princess Bride! (or at least their costumes)

Then it was lunch and a wander around Seattle Center. This naturally required a photo in front of the Space Needle with our best ridiculous tourist impressions.

Alas, we finally had to go our separate ways, and I was condemned to spend the rest of the day soaking up the sun on Lake Washington. I'm already excited to see my sister again when I get back to Florida soon!

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